Monday, January 07, 2008

How to handle abused children

Continue from the Child Abuse Prevention post.

It is definitely not easy to handle abuse children as we are not trained to do so. However we as parent always have to be the first party who would identify and handle our child, should anything happen to them.

These are some simple guides which I find very useful:
  1. Believe what your child said
  2. Be calm (children are always very sensitive to their parents reaction)
  3. Affirm a child (by assuring he is doing the right thing by telling)
  4. Prepare kids for what would happen next (MUST always let them know there are people who can help)
  6. Report the abuse
Who to report:
  1. Government hospital
  2. Social Welfare
  3. Police
However one should remember that it would be a very traumatic experience for the victim to report the abuse case. Always handle with special attention and care. Importantly, parents must remember to KEEP CALM!

You can help by Creating Awareness to your Child

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