Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Why miscarriage happened?

It wasn't right in the very beginning. I sensed it and I knew.

I am glad we did not fight or insist to keep it any further, physically or emotionally. God know best, it should go.

Genetic Errors

The most common reason for a miscarriage is that something was wrong with the baby. Each time a sperm and egg come together to conceive a baby, a very complicated genetic process must happen. It's easy for errors to occur in the genetic code within the sperm, within the egg, or at the moment the two come together. These errors, which can happen at random, make it impossible for the baby to grow and develop normally (My baby was not in his right size, given the right time.) One way to think about a miscarriage is that in this situation, nature ended the pregnancy so that you could try again. (No use forcing on something which does not belongs to me).

Glad that God let it happen soon so that we could start all over again.

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