Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tips for Building the Twin Bond

While I was reading all about twin, this catches my attention that each of them too, should be treated as an individual:

Tips for Building the Twin Bond

  1. The twin relationship is very strong indeed. Yet parents can help their multiples deepen their bond by following these tips.
  2. Give your multiples lots of praise when one does something considerate or nice for the other.
  3. Take each twin shopping individually to buy a special birthday or holiday gift for the other.
  4. Talk candidly and frequently about being happy for the other’s achievements. When one wins an award or trophy, help the other make a homemade card of congratulations.
  5. Nurture all sibling relationships. Encourage each multiple to spend time alone with other single-born children in the family.
  6. Offer privacy when needed and never insist on constant twin togetherness.

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1+2mom said...

Thanks for the tips, good idea and helps me alot. I like the no.3, i should bring only 1 to choose the present for the other sister.

Merry X'mas and Happy Holiday to you and your family.