Monday, December 31, 2007

Outstanding of 2007

I must admit that I haven't been doing much activity at home with my girl these days. It is only 2 days away and she will soon starts her pre-school. Me on the other hand, is still feeling nausea and my back pain is getting worse. Thank goodness hubby is on a long holiday to help out most of the house hold, making milk at night and "entertain her" so that I could rest.

But there is still a lot on my mind. Things I have not done:
  • Write to my MIL's ex-maid asking her for maid recomendation from her hometown
  • Convince my SIL to help out on my confinement
  • Find a solution to our sleeping arrangement (with the addition of our new comers into our room)
And today is the last day of 2007 already. How time flies huh??

**** Happy New Year ****


Northern Cyprus said...

Looking back at 2007, i must say its also an outstanding year for me. Happy New Year.

keeyit said...

Yeah.. times really fly.. My parents also got to buy all new stuffs for my sisters and brother for schooling.. hehe..

I think you too, sure a busy day for you.. Happy new year to you n family.