Saturday, December 22, 2007

Learning Hokkien the Fun Way

Although my girl can understand at least 3 languages .

  • As we normally speak Mandarin at home, very naturally she learns this language from us.
  • With nanny, she speaks Cantonese.
  • Now, expose to other children in playgroup and school, she is slowly picking up English too.
Being a Hokkien, we would love her to learn that too, but since we hardly use Hokkien in our daily conversation, it is difficult for us to teach us. So in order to expose some words to her, hubby sometimes converse in Hokkien thru play.

  • For instant, we order food from her in Hokkien
  • Talk to her cuddling toys in Hokkien
  • Ask her to fetch something in Hokkien
It is really funny as she sometimes misunderstood the meaning of things we trying to tell her. But it is surely fun to learn through play :)

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