Friday, November 09, 2007

Christmas Greeting Card

How about a nice textured Christmas tree for your card? This is very simple one, but requires some patient to do it. Due to the small bits of paper, you have to be cautious if you your little one handle them.

Materials: Blank card, felt (or color paper), puncher, glue, scissors

1. Draw a tree template on a piece of paper.
2. Trace it onto a green felt.
3. Punch holes out of some other color felt.
4. Punch out some stars.
5. Stick the little shapes onto the tree.
6. Paste the Christmas tree onto the card.


usws said...

I think it'll take longer for me to find/buy/get the materials than to actually make that. Haha, nice and simple anyhow. Didn't realize Christmas was coming so soon though. Ugh, i'm losing track of time.


sting said...

aww... in this electronic world, it's wonderful to get back to basics.. thx

Annie Q said...

Hi Chin Nee, thanks for dropping by my boring blog. ;)
Nice & cute header u have! And u're so creative on the X'mas card, nice!