Thursday, November 01, 2007

Japanese Paper Fan

This is a very easy and quick craft from while I was surfing online. Shall try let our kids do it.


A4 (or letter) paper
ice-cream sticks

1. Draw a rainbow shape on paper. Cut out.
2. Decorate your paper however you choose. You can either choose a pattern paper of plain paper (painted with watered-down poster paint and then tapped over the top with kitchen roll to get a soft effect, similar to Japanese handmade paper).
3. When it was dry we drew over the top in Japanese script. You could try stamping or drawing flower shapes instead.
4. Glue 4 ice-cream sticks together in a fan shape about 1cm from the end.
5. Stick the decorated paper to the other ends of the sticks.
6. Now you have a pretty Japanese fan.

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