Saturday, September 29, 2007

Homemade wrapping papers

Tired of seeing the same old wrapping papers from the shop? How about using your kid's craft work for the gift wrapping?

Materials: color paper, paint, engraved potato, glue, glitters

1. Spread out the piece of paper and stamp designs all over it.
2. Use your imagination to add more designs with markers or crayons.
3. Use glue to make glitter designs.
4. Once dried, you see a beautiful piece of wrapping paper is ready for use.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pasta bracelet

1. First, cut a piece of yarn long enough to fit around your kid's wrist, leaving a little extra room for the pasta.
2. Thread the pasta onto the yarn. (u can even color those pasta)
3. Add some ribbons in between.
4. Gently tie the bracelet around your kid’s wrist. He’ll love it!

Easy wind chimes

Ever got stuck with a crying baby while you are cooking in the kitchen?
Let this temporary wind chimes distract your baby.

1. Get some little spoons and tie them on a cloth hanger.
2. Hang them onto your baby's cot (be sure to secure it so that they don't fall onto your baby) or somewhere nearby.
3. On the fan on high speed to swing those spoons.

Funny bubble blowers

Do you know besides cutting shapes out of dough, you can also use these gadgets to make shape bubbles?

Materials: soapy solution, plate, shape cutter

Method: Place the shape cutter into the solution. Take them up and blow/swing them into the air. See bubbles of funny shapes on the air.

Egg cartoon lantern

Do you throw away all your egg cartoon? Do you know it can be used to creat beautiful crafts like the beautiful lantern below? By tying a few egg cartoons with some cut out holes, and a tin cover base inside, you get a big beautiful lantern.

This is how it looks when lighted up. Isn't it beautiful?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Flower bookmark

Hardboard, scissors, ribbon, cut out flowers (or punched out little flowers)

1. Cut a stripe of cardboard of your favourite color.
2. Punch out flower motifs or cut flower shapes from shapes punchers.
3. Glue the shapes to the bookmark, creating a design.
4. Punch a hole on top.
5. Loop a ribbon through the hole to create a bookmark.

Reading is a lot more fun with own created colorful bookmarks to save the pages. A great idea to motivate your child to read with a bookmark she created. Also a wonderful friendship gifts to friends in school.

Draw half face

Got this fantastic tip from Craft Ideas.

Find an easy cute face picture or cartoon from your child's magazine. Fold this picture lengthwise in half so that you have only a half a face meaning 1 eye, 1/2 nose and 1/2 mouth. Cut along the face into half and glue one it on a piece of drawing paper. Now get your child to draw the other half on the paper. This is good drawing practice and helps children learn about face proportions.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick Heat Pack

Ever being caught in your travel when you need a heat pack for your migraine or discomfort stomach? This is a simple way to create a quick heat pack. It make great simple gifts too.

Materials: unused clean socks, some rice grains, elastic band, microwave

1. Fill socks with the grains.
2. Secure with bands
3. Heat them up in the microwave for 11/2min
4. Ready for use.

Magic wand

These simple little magic wand craft is a great ideal Valentine gifts to the family members and friends. It is simple to do craft.

Materials: paddle pop sticks, cardboard, color paper, marker, scissors and glue

1. Cut the board into heart shapes
2. Stick them to the sticks
3. Write your personal message on the stick
4. (Optional) You can also add glitters to the hearts

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Red Dragon

We had this craft in our PJ playgroup yesterday. It is fun and QQ wasn't patient enough to make it. It was mummy to produce this beautiful dragon.

Materials: a strip of egg cartoon, pain, wobbly eyes, and pipe cleaner, scissors and glue


1. Cut a strip of the egg carton
2. Paint them (green if you want a caterpillar). I did a red dragon.
3. Stick the eyes to the creature.
4. Poke a hole on the head area and insert curled pipe cleaner to create antenna.

Invitation CD

If you have lots of unwanted CD to spare, you can recycle and use them for your craft.

Materials: CD, scissors, cellophane tape, fabric pen

1. Write invitation on your CD
2. Decorate with with pictures and colors with fabric pen
3. Cut it into half (semi circle).
4. Tape it together so it that it can be opened or closed (like an invitation card)

Button bracelet

This is a nice simple craft little girls would love do to.

Materials: nice color buttons, elastic, scissors, sewing needle

1. Measure the elastic on the wrist so that it feels comfortable on the wrist.
2. Thread the buttons through 2 holes so that the buttons sit flat.
3. Finish it with a last big button or any button to suit your design.

Pretty dolly napkins

Materials: Color paper napkins, glue, scissors, paper doilies

1. Fold the paper napkins into half.
2. Cut out a shape of a little dress or rompers
3. Open them up and glue cut doilies to create collar.

* This will add to a personal touch for your table setting. For variation, you can use pink napkin for baby girl and blue napkin for baby boys.

Is she prepared to go to Pre-school?

Getting ready my girl for her first day to school isn't easy. However here are some 'homework' I have done hoping for the best and smooth transition for her. Some signs to check out if a kid is ready:

1. Ability to interact with other children, either in game or imaginary play
2. Able to communicate her needs verbally
3. Corperative, and able to take instruction.
4. Able to play physically without hurting herself.
5. Be part of the group

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Visiting to pre-school

Before I decided to enroll my girl into pre-school, I did a survey by visiting some of the pre-schools in the neighbourhood. Besides wanting to find out more about the school, it is a great chance for me to expose my girl by bringing her along in those visits. I feel that it is equally important to walk my girl through the classroom, let her experience the play area, and meet the teachers. Familiarity is very important to a child so that she can at least have an idea what to expect before mummy leaves her alone at the school on the first day.

Nursery door decor

Great ideas from craftbits.

plain baby socks, sticker letters, double sided tape, fabric pen (optional)

1. Use the sticker letters and stick the letters to the socks. If you do not have sticker letters, you can trace out the letters on a cardboard and cut them out. Glue them to the socks.
2. If you have fabric pen, you can also write the letters to the socks.
3. Glue the socks to your nursery door room

Monday, September 17, 2007

Places and activities to join before pre-school

Activity participation such as playgroups, and group conducted music class is one way of getting the kids into their social circles. My girl started attending playgroup early of this year, but I notice she still hasn't learn to be independent without having me to be around. Recently I enrolled her into a musical movement class, with some instruction followed and discipline required through the games conducted by the conductor. I see some improvement in her, at least she now understand instruction and able to play in a group (without me involve).

I do hope that she will soon be able to:
1. Daring to express herself in the public
2. Successfully playing in groups without having me around

Sailing muffin

How about doing a craft that is related to kids food? Here is how we did it.

Materials: home baked muffins, teddy bear cookies, food stick, printed out boat template, scrap papers, staple, glue

1. Fold printed out template. Staple them up into a boat.
2. Glue some colorful scrap papers to the boat.
3. Use the sharp food stick and poke through the scrap, creating a flag.
4. Stand the flag onto the muffin.
5. Decorate the muffin with some teddy cookies :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

How to make a simple scarecrow

Materials: Papers, glue, marker, scissors, pencil, real straw or raffia

1. Draw a scarecrow on a paper and cut it out.
2. Draw a shirt, pants, and hat for the scarecrow on different color papers.
3. Decorate them with scrap papers or markers.
4. Cut the clothing and glue them to the scarecrow.
5. Glue the raffias or real straws to the scarecrow.

Cascade star mobile

I found this craft idea in Enchanted learning. All kids love stars, how about getting them to make this cascade star mobile for their little siblings?

Materials: thick paper, string, one straw, scissors, marker or glitters for star decoration

1. You can either print some stars (from big to small) on the paper.
2. Trace them onto thick paper and cut them out.
3. Decorate them with marker or glitter.
4. Make a hole in the middle of each star.
5. Cut out short segment of straw for each star.

6. String a segment of straw and star (from small to big) alternately. Remember to leave a long lop ontop and tie it to the mobile.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Paper plate duck

Didn't manage to keep the one we made, this is my very first craft we did in our PJ Playgroup. It is a very simple and beautiful craft. I even made some for QQ friend when they came visit us some time ago.

Materials: paper plate, yellow paper, orange or red paper, scissors, glue, marker

1. First fold paper plate into half (optional to paint the plate in yellow).
2. Trace palm on yellow paper an cut it out. Glue it to be duck's tail.
3. Cut a shape of the head from the yellow paper, and glue it to the plate.
4. Cut duck feets and a flabby beak from the orange paper.
5. Glue them to the duck.
6. Use a market and draw the eyes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Paper butterfly

Material: paint, thick tissue paper, cloth peg, paper, marker

1. First paint on the tissue
2. Fold them up (do like how we fold a fan)
3. Clip them with a decorated peg
4. Open up with wings
5. You will see beautiful spread wings of the butterfly

This is very simple and yet fun craft to do. We did this in our playgroup last Tuesday (done by me as QQ was too occupied with some other toys :(

Star tea light

Materials: corrugated cardboard, scissors, tea-light, shape puncher

1. Cut a star out of the cardboard.
2. Cut a stripe out of the cardboard (measure it to 1cm higher than the tea-light).
3. Wrap the stripe around the tea light and secure it with glue.
4. Place the tea light onto the middle of the star. Glue it.
5. Glue some motifs to the star for decor.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bottle cap lady bird

Nice craft but a little bit difficult for little children.

Materials: bottle cap, acrylic paint, tooth pick

1. Paint half of the cap with red
2. Paint the head of the bug with black
3. Use a dip to dip the black dots onto the body
4. Finally use toothpick to dip some white paint for the eyes.

Scrap wishing card

Instead of buying an expensive card, why not make one for your kid's teacher?

color cards, glue, scissors, hole puncher

1. Cut out some heart shapes from a green card (can use any color that you wish)
2. Glue them onto your wishing card (display them nicely into a flower motif)
3. Cut a round shape from the red card to form a lady bird
4. Paste it onto the flower.
5. Punch out some black dots and cuts a head shape to stick onto the bug.

Monday, September 10, 2007

String invitation card

Materials : card, scissors, ribbon, maker

1. Cut the card into your desired shape
2. Punch hole around the side
3. String them through the holes to create designs
4. Tie a nice ribbon at the beginning and end of the ribbon to create a bow
5. Write your message or invitation on the card

* This craft can be used to create the eye and hand coordination of the child.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Leaf tracing

We used to do this tracing when we were young, with coins or leaves.

Materials: different shapes of leaves, paper and crayons

1. Find some different shapes of leaves.
2. Put the leaf on a flat surface
3. Put the white paper on top of the leaf
4. Color the paper to trace out the texture of the leaves with crayon
5. Repeat same for some other different leaves.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Our galaxy

How about getting your kid to create a galaxy during his science class the inexpensive way? See what I found in enchanted learning.

Materials: Fine sand (or glitters), glue, black paper, old news papers

1. On a black paper, draw a rough sketch of our galaxy, the Milky Way using a pencil (or white crayon). Our galaxy is a spiral galaxy with five arms. The center is a dense disk containing many older stars.
2. Apply glue onto the lines. Sprinkle the sand onto the glue.
3. Tilt the paper and shake off loose sand (glitter).

* Optional: label the arms of the Milky Way and label where our Solar System is located.

Morning sun

This is a great craft during their weather subject. Pretty easy to do too.

Materials: Paper plate, yellow papers, crayons, glue, scissors and paint.

1. Paint the plates in yellow.
2. Trace hands on the yellow paper. Cut them out.
3. Glue the hands behind the plate (in all surroundings).
4. Draw eyes, nose and mouth for the sun.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Worm Jelly

This is a great menu for kid's party and very simple to do. It can be prepared in advance a night before the party.

1. Make chocolate jelly in small clear cups.
2. Make sure the surface is rough (so that it looks like soil)
3. You might wanna add some gummy worms while the jelly is still soft
4. Add some more gummy worms on top before jelly is served.

Christmas paper wreath

How about something special for Granny during Christmas?

: Green paper, a red ribbon, scissors and glue

1. Trace kid's palm onto the green paper.
2. Cut it out (make about 10 for each wreath)
3. Glue together to make a wreath (overlapping the wrist area)
4. Glue a ribbon bow to the wreath

Pumpkin face

Materials: Paper plate, scissors, hole puncher, elastic string, orange paint

1. Draw a jack-o'-lantern's face on the back of a paper plate.
2. Cut out eyes, nose and mouth
3. Punch out hole on each side of the mask.
4. Tie string to it
5. Decorate of paint the mask

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Family tree

Materials: Twig with many branches, clay or sand, paper cup, string, green color paper, pictures of family members (optional), scissors

1. Get a twig with many branches, pluck all leaves off the branches
2. Put the twig into the paper cup. Fill with sand or clay to stand
3. Cut out shapes of leaves. Write each family member's names on it.
4. Punch a hole on each leaves. Tie string to the leaves.
5. Hang the oldest member of the family (eg.Grandma and Grandpa) below.
6. Follow by mother and father in the middle, kids' name on top.

Optional: Instead of just writing names, can paste also photos of the members on each leaves.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Folded butterfly card

Make an easy personalised card with some colorful papers.

Materials: 2 pieces of color paper (use different colors), scissors, glue, puncher, makers, string

1. Put the two folded cards together (one inside the other).
2. Draw one side of the butterfly on one half of the paper
3. Keeping the cards together, cut out shapes of the butterfly
4. Take one of the butterfly and trail cut a smaller butterfly
Using the hole punch, make a series of holes along the edges of the two pieces you just cut.

6. Glue them together (u can opt to glue only partially in the middle)
7. Draw a body of the butterfly and glue it to the middle
8. Now you have a butterfly card.
9. Decorate your butterfly with scrap color papers, makers or glitters.

Handprint rainbow

Nice easy rainbow that you can help your kids to work on for their story telling. Useful for the kid's craft session.

5 color papers, scissors, glue

1. Stack all 5 different color papers together.
2. Trace your kid's hand onto the top the paper
3. Cut them out.
4. Glue them all together to create a rainbow effect.

Twig Frame

Materials: twigs, string, hot glue, photo
1. Have your child pick some twigs from the garden.
2. Divide them into 4 parts and tie them together (to create a frame)
3. Glue the photo onto the back of your twig frame.
4. Tie a short string on top for hanging