Friday, August 17, 2007

Mini Growing Up Puzzle

I hardly seen anything like this. Named as also the growing up puzzle, there are a few sets of puzzles (each set has 3). It is easy to identify the sets as each has different color. One box only cost about RM13, got them from the same supplier I got for some other educational toys.

How to play:
1. Identify one set.
2. Arrange them on the template from baby or egg till adult animals.

Although it may seems easy, it is not easy to fix the puzzles into the template if the orientation is not accurate. Quite challenging for little ones.

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Leah said...

Nice set. I almost forgot that you have this blog, must put in the RSS reader.:-)
BTW, if you intend to write paid posts on this blog, if i am not mistaken, tigaP required chronicled archives, cannot be just categories/labels.