Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Crayon art

Materials: Colouring print outs or any blank paper, crayon and water colour
*Suitable for kids 2 years+


1. Firstly, line picture with crayons (I use the print out colouring pictures from internet). U can line them for your kid if she is too young to follow the lines.

2. Just choose one or two water colour, dilute them with lots of water to let your kid paint onto the drawing.
3. Isn't this a beautiful piece? With the crayon trick, even a 2 year old can produce such a great piece !


healy said...

waw... beautiful! Bravo, Qiqi!

Lee Lein said...

wauu... so beautiful. Will let Qian Yi try it tonight... :)

michelle said...

Good tip.

esther said...

beautiful artwork Qiqi and great idea!