Friday, August 31, 2007

Mummy Light Jar

The kids are going to love this. This is a great craft during the Halloween and it is easy to make them.

Materials: One empty glass jar, cotton balls, 2 black beans, plaster wrap, scissors and glue

1. Clean the jar and remove the label.
2. Fill jar with white cotton and insert 2 beans into the side as eyes.
3. Wrap jar with plaster wrap (leaving the eyes exposed)

For candle light jar, u might wanna leave the inner jar blank so that u can place a candle inside. Paste the eyes outside of the jar. Just imagine how beautiful this Mummy jar glows in the dark!

Baby Food Jar Animals

Don't know what to do with your baby food jar? Instead of throwing them away, it can be used to create a pet that you wish to have.

Materials: Baby food jar, scrap items, wiggly eyes, color papers (or colorful foams), pipe cleaner

1. Clean the baby food jar. Remove labels.
2. Fill them with pom-pom or any items that matches the animal
3. Cover with the lid and turn it upside down.
4. Decorate ears, and beak with cut out foam and glue them in place.
5. For whiskers, glue the pipe cleaner under the nose.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Door hanger

Materials: Color card board, scissors, glue, puncher and string

1. Cut a desire shape as the background
2. Cut out shapes of daisies, butterfly, glue them onto the board
3. Cut small decorative shapes and glue to the flowers and butterflies
4. Write your message on it
5. Punch 2 holes on top and hang it with a string to your room's door

*Hmm...must get Qiqi to do one for our home bathroom :)

Paperplate bunny

Got this kid's craft idea from

Materials: Paper Plate, brown paint, craft paper, scissors, glue, raffia

1. Paint the paper plate with brown
2. Cut out shapes of long bunny ears and paint them brown
3. Cut out the inner ear shapes and paint them pink
4. Cut out shapes of eyes, and teeth
5. Draw eyes, eyebrows, black eyes and nose with a black maker
6. Glue the parts to the paper plate
7. Use raffia as the bunny's whiskers

How cartoon movement is created

Each morning Qiqi requires me to accompany her for a few moments when I bring her over to her nanny’s place. We will sit down together and watch some cartoons on the Disney Channel, her favourite kids channel. Cartoon like Mickey Mouse has been long time available, and even until today, this cartoon still manage to create fans from all over the world. Ever wonder how cartoon is being produced? I am always so fascinated by the swift and natural movements of the characters. By accessing to the professional film stock footage from, video producers can easily get a good footage that they need for their animation filming.

Mobile Bumblebees

Materials: cardboard, paper, scissors, glue, hole puncher, thread

1. Draw or print out pictures of bees. Color them.
2. Stick them to a cardboard
3. Create a bee hive using a hard board
4. String them to the hive

This pretty bee hive can also be hung on your baby's cot.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Egg shell plant

Materials: egg shell, marker, soil and grass seeds

1. Break the egg at one corner (try keep the shell in one piece)
2. Carefully wash the shell
3. Fill 2/3 of it with soil and sprinkle the grass seed on it
4. Draw the eyes and mouth
5. Water your Egg Head everyday
6. Soon, the hair will starts sprouting from the shell

Friday, August 24, 2007

Craft storage box

Ever wonder what to do with all the crafts that your kids have done in their playgroup or school? I keep them all, in Qiqi's memory box.

Materials: A4 paper box or shoe box, big plain paper (or Mahjong white paper), glue and bits of color papers, makers

1. Wrap the papers around the box
2. Paste the scrap papers on the box
3. Label the box by writing names on it

Left stamps

A touch with the nature. While strolling in the park with the kids, get them to pluck some nice leaves from the tree for this art.

Materials: Leafs, paint, white board

1. Best pressed the leafs between pages of heavy books overnight
2. Color underside of leafs (which has veins and lines)
3. Press the leaf to the white paper to create motifs.

CD magnet

Most parents love to display their kids work on their fridge, so do I. My fridge is full of printout photos, artwork display and notice. So magnet is one of my favorite

Besides functioning as a magnet, we can also create a piece of good art.

Materials: Unwanted CD, magnet, sticker or any decor, maker, double sided tape

1. Decorate your CD with names, faces or any design
2. Tape the magnet to the back of the CD

Now you have a piece of nice CD artwork for your fridge

Exploring parts of body

There are many ways to learn about parts of body. One way of learning is through pictures. You can get more pictures of other body parts from this here.

For coloring activities, you can print them B&W and the kids to color them.
To make flashing or learning activities, you might want to print those colored ones.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Ways with getting off weight

We adult can learn a lot by watching children play. Jumping, dancing and hiking are chores to our little ones at all, for it is their way of having fun. We too can have fun with them while loosing our weight.

1.Run around happily chasing each other in the playground. Running, climbing and laughing are great ways to burn calories and maintain healthy.
2.Cycle or stroll in the park in the evening.
3.Pack healthy snack basket and have a great picnic in the garden or beach. Getting fresh air while eating healthy food is definitely better than having a heavy meal in the restaurants.

These activities are cheaper ways to shed off mummy’s excess fats. However the result can only be seen after a long time as compare to a weight loss surgery, a quicker way to loose weight.

Fun with Colors

A great and cheap way to keep your little one busy.

print outs of some coloring page (download here), color pensils, crayons, water color, paper

Coloring method:
1. Just color them with color pencils or crayons or

2. To add a twist to fun painting, first outline the pictures with some crayons. Then paint over the pictures with diluted paint. Refer to Crayon Art done by Qiqi.

Learning Frames

These are the main reason for going all the way to the shop in Kajang. Initially I wanted to get some of the Montessori learning materials for the playgroup, but my friend suggested getting only those simple ones as it is not so appropriate for some apparatus to be used in our not so Montessori-friendly conducted session. Hence we only got some of them such as the Large buttoning fram, Velcro Frame and Buckle frame. They cost about RM30 each which is quite pricey. Also from the same supplier as mentioned in my earlier post.

On the road

It is important to make good maintenance on the vehicle especially when we travel a lot on long distance journey with a little one on board. Having a breakdown in the middle of the journey could really dampen the traveling mood, as there will be a lot of things to take care of, when a car is full with luggage. Just imagine this situation wit an additional task to soothe a crying and hungry toddler! Therefore it is wiser to get a better one which can last longer in long run without having to do much maintenance. Probably a vehicle with Integra Radiator with a lifetime replacement warranty to save cost in the long run.

Save bucks traveling with kids

Traveling to Orlando can be quite costly when the kids start paying for adult rate for theme park admissions. However there are some ways to save the cost while having fun there.

1. Meals can be pretty expensive. Do check out some of the local restaurants that offer accompanying kids to eat for free. Do plan a schedule ahead to eat at those restaurants on their promotion day.
2. Not all theme parks are suitable for all age. Decide which theme parks and attractions that is suitable for little ones, so that you won’t waste money visiting the wrong ones.
3. Travel with some other families and rent a Orlando Villa and organise some home cooking at times. Definitely cheaper than renting several hotel rooms.

Mini Growing Up Puzzle

I hardly seen anything like this. Named as also the growing up puzzle, there are a few sets of puzzles (each set has 3). It is easy to identify the sets as each has different color. One box only cost about RM13, got them from the same supplier I got for some other educational toys.

How to play:
1. Identify one set.
2. Arrange them on the template from baby or egg till adult animals.

Although it may seems easy, it is not easy to fix the puzzles into the template if the orientation is not accurate. Quite challenging for little ones.

Baking Tool

After spending months on my baking experiment, you will be surprise to find that until today I still do not have the baking utensils, what’s more a good oven. The tools can be very expensive, and since Qiqi’s nanny who is staying just next door have everything, so me and Qiqi usually have our baking projects over there and we enjoy the delicacy with nanny’s family.
Most of people I know here use stove ovens and I still remember once a good friend of mine actually advise on getting a good one. Surprisingly good ovens like Whirlpool Ovens can produce better cake texture as compare to the simple ones.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fun wooden Domino

I have seen Domino cards but not something like that. It is the wooden strips card. I can't resist getting one of this when I was shopping for some educational kids toys for my playgroup. Also from the same supplier I mentioned in my previous post.

How to play:
For easy playing, just let the kids do matching the picture to create a link. In fact there are many ways to play Domino. It can even played by a few adults in a contest. You can google or read here to learn more.

12-Pieces Puzzle

It is difficult to get nice puzzle like this, and in shopping malls, they can be very expensive too. Maybe better quality and non-toxic color materials used, reminds me of the recall from Fisher Price. A twelve pieces wooden puzzle like that cost only less than RM10 per board, isn't that reasonably cheap? I got them also from this supplier.

First aid

Treating accidental injuries is a part of parenting. This statement reminds me how important for me to learn at least some basic about first aid in case any emergency arises at home. It is -also good to teach all children about some basic of first-aid treatments. Even if they are not capable to perform any treatment on others, it is good enough for them to have some awareness so that they know what to expect during injury treatments. For me, I do carry some home medical supplies whenever we travel outstation, for I find them useful to ease any discomfort on Qiqi especially during at night.

White bunny

Have extra wools at home and don't know what to do with them? Create a little cute bunny for your little one.

Glue, scissors, pink color paper, hard board, wiggly eyes, Styrofoam egg, and of course cotton balls.

1. Glue cotton balls on a styrofoam egg.
2. Cut out shapes of ears on the board, and pink paper.
3. Add wiggle eyes.
4. Place on a cardboard circle with hole cut out for base of egg to rest in. The cardboard can be covered with fabric or lace.

Tactile board

I love this tool. It is called a tactile board or also known as sensory board. With just a glance, a normal kid would be able to identify and match the texture or colors correctly. Therefore, the game should be enhanced by covering up their eyes, and let them match by touching the board. I got this for my playgroup at RM46. It is also from the same supplier as mentioned in my previous post.

Gift basket for Papa

For the past celebration such as Papa's birthday or Father's Day, I had Qiqi did a card or a craft of gift basket to her father. It is simple and yet it meant so much to her father. By having a chance to create something for some other people, it makes the kid feel great and contented too to see happiness in the receiver. However if there is a budget for gifts, I’ll surely get something better for her, something that the whole family could enjoy like a real gift basket with good food or the nice beer gift baskets for the men in the family.

Lacing Animals

Just got this new lacing boards for my playgroup. It comes either 3 in a pack (RM23), 6 in a pack or more if you need more from your kindergarten. Priced quite reasonable and made from very good plastic. If not mistaken it is imported from Australia.

Do read good learning instruction from Leah.

Shop: USL Educational Supplies (m) S/B
Contact: 603-8737 7323

Easy paper lantern

This is very simple craft, done by Qiqi's PJ Playgroup last week. Am sure seeing this picture recalls all the old memories of some of our schooling days.

Materials: A4 color paper, some stickers, thread, glue, scissors and a disposable chopstick.

1. Fold paper into half. Cut strips
2. Open up, glue the 2 ends of the paper together.
3. Punch 4 holes on top and tie thread for hanging the lantern.
4. Decorate lantern with some tiny stickers.

Kids understanding about trading

My girl is funny. Whenever my hubby is attached to the lap top, most of the time viewing about cars and analyzing stocks, she will ask her father if he is investing in stock. I doubt she understand what stock market is all about at only three. We just tell her that Papa needs to make some investment to earn more money so we could afford to get her new toys and milk powder. Since the share market is so bad these days, with most of the share price dropping, I wonder if my brother is making money in his options trading investment.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Do you subscribe to mailing list?

As a subscriber to the craft mailing list online, I certainly agree that a good mailing list is very essential any business today. Through a proper segmented database in the market, a business owner can approach to their target market.

Currently, whenever I come across a craft site that interests me, I would happily register myself and subscribe to the craft mailing list available online. Of course the main concern is to get more craft ideas for my playgroup, while enjoying having the weekly newsletter send right to my mailbox. If you are running your own business do remember to check out what Mailing Lists can do to your business today.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Tutti Fruity Yogurt

How about a healthy snack for your little one's tea time? Or a trick to get your little one to eat their fruits?

Food you need
1. Fruits your child can eat (apples,orange, grapes, cherry, watermelon)
2. Dried fruits (raisins, apricots)
3. Yogurt cup from supermarket

1. Let your toddlers cut up those fruits into pieces. If your child is too young to handle cutting, u can cut the fruits into little pieces for them
2. Let them choose their own fruits and mix with some yogurt.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Funny Rice Cracker

There's nothing quite so enjoyable as craft that you can eat! Choose food that your little one really likes and make these terrific savoury crispbread faces.


• Big Japanese plain rice crackers
• spreadable cream cheese or jam
• grated carrot
• alfalfa sprouts
• sliced cucumber

1. Spread a layer of cream cheese, or some other spread (like peanut better, vegemite, almond paste, halva) on the rice crackers
2. Then decorate with add hair, eyes, nose, mouth.
3. When you've finished, gobble them up!

Ideas and photos from Kidscraftweekly

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Crayon art

Materials: Colouring print outs or any blank paper, crayon and water colour
*Suitable for kids 2 years+


1. Firstly, line picture with crayons (I use the print out colouring pictures from internet). U can line them for your kid if she is too young to follow the lines.

2. Just choose one or two water colour, dilute them with lots of water to let your kid paint onto the drawing.
3. Isn't this a beautiful piece? With the crayon trick, even a 2 year old can produce such a great piece !