Monday, October 01, 2007

Short easy craft to keep your kids busy

Short craft ideas to keep your kids busy while you prepare your dinner.

1. Edible necklaceIf you keep 'hole-y' cereal in your pantry (nutrigrain, cheerios, fruit loops etc) you can show your little one how to thread the pieces of cereal onto a piece of string or wool using a blunt wool needle. If you don't have a needle on hand you can wrap stickytape around the end of a piece of string to make it stiff enough for small fingers to manage. When they're finished with the necklace they can eat it!

2. Coin rubbingsEmpty your coin purse on the kitchen table. Show your little one how to make a coin rubbing by putting a coin under a piece of paper and rubbing over the top with a crayon. You can also rub over leaves, cardboard shapes and more.

3. Drawing facesA great one for toddlers and preschoolers alike. Draw a series of circles on a piece of paper and have your child draw in the facial features. Older kids can be encouraged to draw different, increasingly sophisticated, expressions. If you have more than one kid who is of pen weilding age, have them produce a collaborative effort. Keep the finished products - they make terrific artwork for birthday cards.

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