Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Easter Chickie

To recycle the egg carton, we can even hatch a chick for our kids with it. Here is how it goes:

One egg carton up, 2 cotton balls, orange scrap paper, glue, yellow paint, a plastic bag, 2 wiggly eyes

1. The night before making the craft, put a bit of yellow paint a plastic bag. Add as many cotton balls as you'll be using (if you're making more than one chick) and smush gently until they soak up the yellow. (Not to much paint otherwise the cotton will look crusty)

2. Keep them
in an empty container.

Cut the egg carton cup out of the egg carton. Trim small rectangles out around the edge so it looks like a cracked egg shell

4. Stick 2 cotton balls (on top of each other) into your egg shell.

5. Glue the eyes and beak (make a triangle from your paper) to the chick.

Best glue it on top as if the chick was facing up to the sky (like a hungry chick). This had the added benefit of keeping the wiggly eyes from sliding off while they dried.


Samm said...

Gordon isnt crafty yet. But then,he likes coloring a lot. The ideas you blog about also are quite interesting. When the time is right, I'll do some with him :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

hey, samm, how did u manage to find this old blog of mine? anyway hope u can find some useful craft to do with your child. For us, it is me doing all the time, while qiqi just come and play a while, cutting this and that, pasting here and there. Most importantly is to have fun together :)

MommyBa said...

got here from the love tag. you're a very crafty person and i learned a lot of new ideas from you today :)

MommyBa said...

Got here from the love tag :)

happy weekend!