Monday, July 30, 2007

Food Painting

A simple food painting we did in our playgroup (in my other blog) last Saturday.

How to do:
1. Get some ladies fingers, lotus and potatoes
2. Cut them into half to create motive stamps, carve the potatoes
3. Dip them into the colourful paints and stamp!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bird / Duck Head

paper plate, bits of colour paper, eyes, and cut out beak, rubber bands

1. Stick/ draw the eyes
2. Paste the beak, and bits of colour paper (for the birds hair)
3. Staple the rubber band to both side on left and right


3 pipe cleaner (2 for body, 1 for the antenna)

1. Just twist the 2 different colours of pipe cleaner together to create the body.
2. Use a short black one for the antenna

Read here on what we do for this caterpillar.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Easter dinner decor

2 yellow cotton balls, clean egg shells, orange foam (beak), google eyes, glue

1. Be sure that the egg shell is clean and dry.
2. Glue the poms-poms inside the egg shell.
3. Cut the craft foam into a triangle to make the beak. Glue onto the top yellow pom-pom.
4. Glue google eyes above the beak.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Little TV

Match box, straw, black paper, tape, scissors, button, glue, photo
1. Paint the outside of a matchbox black.
2. Stick on a folded straw to form an antenna.
3. Cut a photograph (or picture from a magazine) to the size of a tv screen and stick to the front of the matchbox, then glue on small button to make knobs (or paint on some small dots).

Sunday, July 15, 2007

CD Clock

Thanks to Jane, for her effort to come out with this SUPERB craft recycle idea for a "long lasting" clock that we can use to teach time to our kids.

CD, printed numbers (or maker), glue, thick protector sheet, card board, button and some sewing thread

1. Paste all the numbers on the plain surface of your CD
2. Paste a small piece of protector sheet (or thick cardboard)on both side of the hole in the middle.
3. Cut the short and long hands out of the protector sheet (or thick board). Sew both hands to the button, loosely for easy movement.
4. Sew them to the protector sheet on the CD.

Source: De'moments (my main blog)

Peg Hanger

This idea came from a mum from Qiqi's PJ playgroup

painted wooden cloth pegs, colored paper and cardboard, stickers, glue, ribbon

1. Glue the pegs to the shapes of butterfly and ladybird
2. Glue the insects to the cardboard
3. Decorate the hanger with stickers or cut our shapes
4. Punch 2 holes to tie the ribbon for hanging purpose

*For variation, u might wanna add more pegs to it (depends on how strong is your board)

Source: De'moments (for the play)

Beans art

A very simple craft and yet a very interesting to keep your kids occupied while you are busy.

I got this idea while I was visiting some pre-school last week. So we bought some beans for the playgroup, and drawn our kids' names or pictures for the kids to trail and paste the beans on a piece of paper. Don's they look beautiful?
some beans from your kitchen, paper, pen, glue
1. draw something or scribble your kid's name on a piece of paper.
2. have your kid trail the drawings with glue
3. let them paste the beans onto the glued trail

more about what we do in our playgroup

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Easter Chickie

To recycle the egg carton, we can even hatch a chick for our kids with it. Here is how it goes:

One egg carton up, 2 cotton balls, orange scrap paper, glue, yellow paint, a plastic bag, 2 wiggly eyes

1. The night before making the craft, put a bit of yellow paint a plastic bag. Add as many cotton balls as you'll be using (if you're making more than one chick) and smush gently until they soak up the yellow. (Not to much paint otherwise the cotton will look crusty)

2. Keep them
in an empty container.

Cut the egg carton cup out of the egg carton. Trim small rectangles out around the edge so it looks like a cracked egg shell

4. Stick 2 cotton balls (on top of each other) into your egg shell.

5. Glue the eyes and beak (make a triangle from your paper) to the chick.

Best glue it on top as if the chick was facing up to the sky (like a hungry chick). This had the added benefit of keeping the wiggly eyes from sliding off while they dried.