Monday, May 28, 2007

Buddhist Culture & Arts Festival 2007

There will be a Buddhist Culture & Arts Festival in June 6th ~10th (Wed ~ Sun) next week. It is organised by 60 buddhist society in malaysia and this festival will be held in the Mines Exhibition hall from 10am ~10pm.

Our society, has taken a booth for that day and coincidently, I am very happy to be available to help out with the decor. It will definitely be a very exciting event, for I know what I already expect to find something that I have been wanting very much, from this exhibition. (hope to announce the surprise soon)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Part 1: What is Buddhism ?

Answer: The name Buddhism comes from the word Budhi which means 'to wake up' and thus Buddhism can be said to be the philosophy of awakening. It has origin from the experience of the man, Siddhattha Gotama, known as the Buddha, who has awakened at the age of 35. Buddhism is now 2,500 years old, and has about 380 million followers worldwide, originated fron Asian, and increasingly gaining adherents in Europe, Australia and America.

Good Question Good Answer

Few days back, I got a book from justbegood, buddhist society from singapore. It is a book about questions and answers on Buddhism, written by Ven. S.Dhammika, printed by BDMS, the Buddha Dhamma Mandala Society.

Interesting contents of the book:
1. What is Buddhism ?
2. Basic Buddhism Concepts
3. Buddhism and the God-idea
4. The Five Precepts
5. Rebirth
6. Meditation
7. Wisdom and Compasion
8. Vegetarianism
9. Good luck and fate
10. Monks and Nuns
11. The Buddhist Sciptures
12. History and Development
13. Becoming a Buddhist
14. Some Sayings of the Buddha