Sunday, April 01, 2007

Playgroup (31/03/07)

This is our 3rd session of playgroup.
9 Mums who came are : Siaw Wei, Cheng Sim, Clarice, Audrey, Kelly, Vignes, Joanne, Kristin and Chin Nee. And coincidently we have 3 dads who tagged along (whom were either driver or mum's assistant). And of course not forgetting the 15 childens from the 9 families...

As the group is unexpectedly bigger than our previous, kids are getting a little bit out of control but we were all having lots more fun. As most of the mums are quite new to the group, all were happily chatting away, getting to know each other. After the kids' snack time, we did a very nice straw craft, the paper Apple Mobile, which was prepared by mummy Siaw Wei (refer to the photo above). After each kid had their master piece, children helped to clear off the mess and we sat in a circle for our story telling time. Kristin did a wonderful expressive story telling of the "3 Little Piglet & The Big Bad Wolf). We then sang some songs and dance along. Finally at 12noon, the group ended by the Barney song "I Love You" and children gave each other a goodbye hug.