Friday, March 30, 2007

My first Cheese Cake

Since young, I have great interest with everything to do with food (from preparing to eating). My mum wasn't very much of a good cook, though I must admit I still love and miss her cooking (my childhood taste) nowadays. I have always love my grandma's cooking, but I din have the chance to learn from her as she always finds that I was a nuisance in the kitchen when I tried to help (most probaly at that time I was too young to handle fire!)

Now I have got all the time in the world to learn and experience. Hence , I decided to learn to bake. Picking up a good local baking book, and some ingredients (gosh, they are expensive !!), i decided to do a cheese cake. Thanks to my nanny, who has offered me to do my experiement in her house as she has all the baking accessories one needs.

With a high enthusiam to bake, we decided to start up this morning. Well, after a whole mad morning, with QiQi fancying eating on with my beaten up butter, we managed to bake a butter cake, with lots of cheddar cheese as topping and this is how it looks like. My first cheese cake.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Playgroup in Sg.Long

I have always tempted to send my little gal, who is now 3 to a proper (or should i say suitable) playgroup. In shopping malls, we can find many profitable playgroup, such as those with indoor playground, with a guided teacher, and even computers for little ones. However I find that kids nowadays are very clever (many say it is due to the "DHA" that they have been drinking from their formula today). And obviously we don't need them to be "clever" to make them a better person.

Few months back, I came across a mum who has the experience of sending her kids to "pre-dharma" school. Dharma school is obviously for kids (school aged) for those who are buddhist, it is just similar to the Christian's sunday school. I am very eager to enrol my gal into such program, sincerely believe that good values and virtues should be taught from young, and it is impossible to rely on our "pendidikan moral" in our Malaysia education system.

With effort of all parties, especially the Sg.Long Buddhist society, we managed to start up playgroup in our area. Our playgroup runs on every Saturday morning, and in that 2 hours, our activities contains of free play, break time, crafts session and circle time (story telling or singing).